G4AL Platform

G4AL Platform enables the transition of conventional game developers to Web3 game development by
providing blockchain technology and token-based economy solutions for both pre-existing and new products.

G4AL Chain

A permissioned Layer 1 chain using a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Authority model that provides enhanced security, scalability and sustainability.

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Game Services

A game services offer for developers which includes a developer portal, user authentication, token & NFT creation, game analytics and live events.

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A marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs and game currencies that includes built-in KYC/AML compliance and fraud protection features.

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Games developed using the G4AL Platform technology include Elemental Raiders, a turn-based RPG fantasy game, and Diamond Dreams, a match 3 clicker game.


Only the best can build the best games. Our team has the skills and experience to deliver rich and highly entertaining gaming experiences on the blockchain.
Manel Sort


Javier Leon

Art director

Christian Gascons

COO & Technical Director

Marc Tormo

Game Design Director


August 2022

  • G4AL Chain Beta
  • Guilds Partnerships Announcements
  • Diamond Dreams Kick-off
September 2022

  • Elemental Raiders: "Mobile" Pre-Alpha
  • G4AL Chain Launch
  • Marketplace Alpha
  • Diamond Dreams Pre-Alpha
November 2022

  • Diamond Dream Alpha
  • Game Services Launch
  • Marketplace Launch
  • ICO - Pre-Sale Phase
  • Elemental Raiders: Mobile & PC Launch
December 2022

  • Diamond Dreams Beta
  • Elemental Raiders: Season 1

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