Fuelling mass adoption of web3 gaming

Prioritizing what really matters to gamers and developers by building a true games-focused blockchain.

Built for Developers

G4AL Chain ensures reliability,short time to market productsand low development costs.

Built for Players

Offering accessibility,transparency and almost noenvironmental impact.

G4AL Chain, a Layer 1 built for games


Seamless & fast integration for web2 devs with no web3 experience. Unity SDK.


Smart contracts in C#. Pre set & Custom smart contracts.

Accessible& Secure

Web2 wallet experience: 2FA email & password.


Compliant with future regulatory requirements.


Almost 100% uptimeService level agreement.


Block ledger gets published and downloadable for community.


Lowest environmental impact in the industry.

Zero Gas Fees

No gas fees for developers and players.


Games developed using the G4AL Network technology include Elemental Raiders, a turn-based RPG fantasy game, and Diamond Dreams, a match 3 clicker game.
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