G4AL Chain

G4AL Chain is a permissioned Layer 1 chain that uses a hybrid Proof of Authority and Proof of Work consensus model. This set-up provides more security, scalability and environmental sustainability to blockchain gaming, as shown in the upcoming White Paper by the University of Girona due for publication in the coming months.
Multiple benefits for all users

The G4AL Chain is more usable, secure, scalable, fast, transparent and environmentally friendly than any other solutions currently available, providing an excellent balance between security and energy efficiency.

An end-to-end chain

The G4AL Chain keeps a record of all user wallets, transactions, and contracts, and stores them using blockchain technology. Minted blockchain blocks become available to the community and can be downloaded by G4AL Chain users.

Total interoperability

The G4AL Chain can track and support assets across multiple blockchains, allowing the transfer of assets across them. It also ensures payment splits to developers for secondary transactions, regardless of where they occur.

Enhanced security

In the G4AL Chain, blocks are stored in JSON RPC format, making it easy for the community to download them and create their own tools to analyse the chain data. This feature provides the G4AL Chain with an extra layer of security.

Technical components

The three core components of the G4AL Chain are a core blockchain service, a Web3 .NET integration library for the G4AL Chain, and a miner, responsible for generating and sharing transaction blockchain blocks.