G4AL Chain

The G4AL Chain is a permissioned Layer 1 Blockchain with a PoA consensus where the resulting Blockchain Ledger is publicly available and secured via PoW hashing and signature. Providing enhanced security, scalability, and sustainability.

The necessary pillars of a blockchain for gaming on which G4AL Chain is based:

Frictionless & Secure Access

Users can access the G4AL Chain with user & password and Two-factor authentication (2FA) rather than private and public keys. That way usability is improved and AML/KYC compliance requirements are met, diminishing the use of bots and preventing hackers from stealing account information.

Ledger Transparency

The G4AL Chain achieves transparency by publishing the block ledger which becomes available to the community and can be downloaded by users, providing them with an extra layer of security and data consistency.

Efficient Validation

The transaction validation process is performed by our RPC Validator which runs on Google Cloud infrastructure, based on Kubernetes, in order to provide 99.95% uptime and SLA. This allows the network to scale when there is a traffic peak, ensuring no CPU throttling at all times. All this with a low environmental impact.


The G4AL Chain tracks and supports assets across multiple blockchains and games, via the implementation of our Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. This ensures that interoperability of assets occurs avoiding malicious attempts.

Smart Contracts

We implement smart contracts in C# programming language to allow developers without specific blockchain experience to easily develop in our network. We provide an SDK and visual interface with a set of common token standards smart contracts including but not limited to ERC20, 721, 1155. In addition, we enable developers to create custom smart contracts to be tailored to their game’s needs.

Web3 Game Tools

Web3 Game Tools offer includes a full set of game service tools that integrate seamlessly with the G4AL Chain and Marketplace. With Web3 Game Tools, video game developers can take play-to-earn games to market faster and more efficiently.
Developer portal

After registering on the G4AL Network, developers get their own developer portal, which gives them access to all account admin tools and a dashboard showing all the relevant information on the products that they have on the G4AL Network.

User authentication

Web3 Game Tools enables developers to provide their players with a streamlined user verification process through a single username and password point of entry that includes two-factor authentication (2FA) for security.

Token and NFT creation

Web3 Game Tools gives video game developers a token and NFT creation and management tool, so they can easily mint, launch and track the digital asset inventory of their different games and platforms.

Game analytics

Web3 Game Tools offers proprietary game analytics tools, based on a Games as a Service design and modelling methodology explained in the research journal Nature, that provide clear and useful insights on how to further optimise game performance.

Live events

The live events tool gives developers an easy way to run their own events, tournaments, token launches and NFT collections, allowing them to manage and authenticate users and reach them through push notifications.


The Marketplace is a trade and payment platform where users can buy and sell NFTs, the G4AL Network utility token $GGT and other in-game currencies. The Marketplace includes optional built-in KYC/AML compliance and fraud protection features.
Safe, secure and verified online portal

The Marketplace includes a simple-to-use verified digital wallet with G4AL acting as the merchant of record. Users can trade and monitor the G4AL Chain status and scan transactions through the dedicated online portal.

NFT marketplace

The Marketplace includes an NFT marketplace, allowing users to buy and sell their non-fungible assets easily and securely.

Token and in-game currency exchange

In the Marketplace players can also purchase $GGT, the G4AL Network utility token, and other in-game currencies, such as Elemental Crystals, which is used in Elemental Raiders.

Bridge to other chains and exchanges

Through the Marketplace users can bridge tokens in and out of the G4AL Chain to other Chains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Solana. They can also bridge tokens to other exchanges, as well as download blockchain blocks for local analysis.

Fraud protection and customer support

As part of our Marketplace services we offer full customer service and fraud management support, including KYC/AML. Our goal is for developers and their players to have a frictionless, safe and protected experience.