NFTs are the latest innovation taking over and have the potential of shaping the traditional gaming world. The emergence of NFTs has allowed gamers a more prominent role in the economy of gaming . Now they can gain rewards along the way.

For this reason, an increasing number of game developers are implementing blockchain technology into their games. This is helping this new gaming paradigm develop even further and create more immersive gaming experiences.

In this article, we are going to explore what play-to-earn games are all about. How they benefit gamers, tips to choose the most profitable NFT games, and some examples.

Play-to-earn crypto games: What are they?

These are the combination of traditional gaming with unconventional game mechanisms based on the Ethereum blockchain and digital asset-powered economies. These new mechanisms are allowing gamers to have control over in-game assets that can be converted as distinguishable NFTs. For instance, in-game items that you can buy or sell as NFTs in the NFT marketplaces collectable assets. These can be skins, characters, weapons, armours, virtual land, and powers, among others.

The implementation of NFT standards also allows game developers to safeguard the uniqueness and rarity of these NFTs assets. This is the reason why some NFT in-game assets could be more expensive than others. 

In this context, there are three things gamers can do to have exclusive ownership over these NFTs. 

  • Create and customize characters.
  • Buy digital items on native or third-party NFT marketplaces.
  •  Unlock and earn new digital assets. 

This way, users can sell them or distribute them to earn money from those trades. This is the reason why it is called ‘’play-to-earn’’ video games


NFT games: How do they benefit gamers?

The ownership of in-game items has been only from the game developers, not the gamers. This new gaming model recognizes the value of players, which are who spend time and effort playing these games. 

So, NFT games offer rewards for the value players bring to the table. This way, while companies can develop profitable in-game economies and gamers can in turn gain their own in-game assets. They can be rewarded for the time invested playing the game.

Tips: Choosing the most profitable NFT games

In the NFT gaming market, there are different NFT games to choose from. It is important that before you choose an NFT game to gain monetary rewards, you choose one that aligns with your own interests. 

So, for instance, if you have a passion for games involving battles or you are a creative person wanting to exploit your creativity with a game that allows you to create new lands or digital items, you can search for games that are aligned with these characteristics. This is because, when you enjoy playing a particular game, more time could be invested and more rewards you will gain.

But, you will also have to pay attention and examine the rewards given in the game you’re interested in. This way, you will take the most advantage of the game, so you not only enjoy playing it but there are a wide range and ways to gain NFTs inside the game metaverse.

Examples of TOP profitable NFT games

Having explored the meaning of NFT games and some things to consider when choosing an NFT game, we will give you some interesting games to consider playing and accumulate earnings for this year. 

  • Elemental Raiders: This is a game we created for those interested in battles. It is based on turn-based PvP matches where players can build a team of heroes, collect heroes and skills, upgrade their powers and sell them into the marketplace for a profit. There are weekly events against powerful bosses where the winners can gain exclusive NFTs and unique tokens. 
  • Millionaire Wars: This game is for those who love travel and design jewelry, players can explore exotic virtual locations where they can find exquisite gems, use them to create unique NFT jewels, and sell them in the marketplace. 
  • G4AL Metaverse: This is the first metaverse inspired on the Second World War which includes different games inspired in past events and you can gain Second World War-inspired NFTs, earn tokens and use them all on the G4AL metaverse. 
  • Axie Infinity: This game is on the Ethereum blockchain and it is based on a collection of creatures and battles. It allows players to gain income based on their own tokens called Small Love Potions (SLP), Aie Infinity Shard (AXS), and Axies. Both SLP and AXS can be traded in Binance.
  • Gods Unchained:  This game is also on the Ethereum blockchain and it is about players having to build decks with different powers to battle other players. As you win these battles, you gain in-game items that you can trade in the NFT market. Also, if you gain Flux from playing Ranked God in this game, it lets you craft your own NFT card.
  • Sorare: This game is based on a football game where you can earn points for every event you participate in, match you win or goal you score and gain collectible and tradable cards based on real-life football players. 
  • Zed Run: This game is based on digital horse racing. Each player has their racehorse represented by a unique NFT that enhances their ability to win the races. Players also can collaborate with other players or breed to create new horses. 

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