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At G4AL we want to bring blockchain gaming to the masses by providing progressive decentralisation, blockchain technology and token-based economy solutions for both pre-existing and new products.

What is $GGT?

The Game Gold Token (GGT) is the native currency and utility token used in G4AL Platform and Games. $GGT is also the basis of the governance of the G4AL Platform & Games.

White paper

How can I use $GGT?

G4AL has designed an incentive scheme that benefits the growing user base, increasing network effects. The advantages offered to $GGT token holders are many and very diverse, depending on the use of the token on the G4AL Platform and Games.

$GGT use for Players

$GGT will serve as a cross currency in all Games.

  • In-game purchases
  • NFT minting & upgrade
  • Access to P2E Matches
  • Marketplace purchases & transactions
  • Bridges gas fees to other chains, exchanges & marketplaces
  • Access to special Events
  • Seasons & Battlepasses

$GGT use for Game Developers

$GGT will have different uses within each tool of the G4AL Platform, as listed below:

  • Gas fees for any transaction executed on the G4AL Chain.
  • There’s a fee in $GGT per usage on the following services:
    • Developer portal
    • G4AL Authentication
    • Game Analytics
    • Live Events
    • Token & NFT creation ($GGT will be used to pay for the gas fee of the creation transaction)
  • All NFT royalties from future sales are paid in $GGT to developers

$GGT use in G4AL governance

Users who own $GGT will get to vote on the products and functionalities that G4AL will offer in the future.

  • Themes of future game expansions, seasons and battlepasses.
  • The new NFTs to create and their creation rate.
  • The prioritisation of game functionalities.
  • G4AL involvement in event sponsorships and other projects.

Underlying technology

The $GGT will follow the ERC-20 token standard as issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart contract

The smart contract will be developed with Solidity programming language and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Technology audit

The technology auditing of the $GGT was carried out by Grant Thornton.


The Issuer reserves the possibility that the operation of the tokens may undergo technological changes, always trying to ensure that these are as favourable as possible to the buyer.

Pre-sale TGE token details

G4AL will issue a total of 10 billion $GGT tokens. G4AL reserves the right to sell up to a total of up to 15% of tokens during the private subscription period, while the pre-sale offering will be 650,000,000 $GGT tokens (6.5% of the total).

September 12, 2022 (11:00AM UTC)

Start of pre-sale

September 22, 2022 (11:00AM UTC)

End of pre-sale


Number of tokens for sale

Crypto, credit card, bank transfer

Accepted payment methods

Min: 100€ | Max: 5,000€

Pre-sale phase I and II ticket amount

Private and pre-sale stages

Feb. 24th - Sept. 11th(Private Sale)

75% Bonus


Sept. 12th - Sept. 15th(Pre-Sale I)

50% Bonus


Sept. 19th - Sept. 22nd(Pre-Sale II)

25% Bonus


Check our roadmap


Private Sale 15%
Pre-Sale I 4%
Pre-Sale II 2.5%
Play to Earn 10%
Team 15%
Advisors 2%
Developer Program 5%
Airdrops 6.5%
Reserve 10%
Treasury 30%


Frequently Asked Questions

The uses and benefits of the $GGT are many and very diverse, depending on the use of the token on the G4AL Platform and the Games developed with it. For a more detailed explanation of the $GGT uses, check the white paper.

The $GGT will be available for purchase from November 1st until November 8th at Launchpads to be announced soon.

After the sale through Launchpads it will be available for purchase on the 9th November on Exchanges which will also be announced soon.

On the other hand, when the final version of our first game, Elemental Raiders, is released, the token will also be available for purchase through the game platform using fiat.

Investors/gamers who purchase tokens after the TGE and release of Elemental Raiders can start using the tokens immediately. On the other hand, investors who buy tokens in the pre-sale phase on Launchpads have to wait 5 months after the end of the public TGE to start unlocking their tokens for a period of 5 months, releasing 20% tokens per month. More specifically, tokens will start to be released from April 9 and will be 100% unlocked on September 9, 2023.

During the pre-sale, the minimum amount that you can buy is €100€ and maximum 5,000€.

You can pay via bank transfer, credit card or using your crypto wallet.



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